Need Help With My Writing Homework On Global Fashion Insights Write A 250 Word P

Need help with my writing homework on Global Fashion insights. Write a 250 word paper answering; Visual Display Parody is a local company that is composed of a team with the aim of providing tank tops to the various customers hat are in need f t. To enhance the group’s work, in set up a video to display the various elements that are indeed critical to the success of this project in the trade show. Visual display of this product is critical to the success of this project since it makes it easier to explain and distribute the video material to a wider audience (Harold 23).

This visual display begins y detailing the name of or group members, the name of the project, he purpose of the project, the target group for our project, the source of raw materials for our project, the steps that were undertaken to oversee the completion of the project. Included also in the visual display are the different roles that each group member plays in the general success of the project in this fashion design class. The visual display also details the design of the project including recommendations and future improvements that are t be adjusted (Harold 33).

An all dying process is included in the visual display that will be presented o the viewer on this trade fair show. The process of sewing together the different elements of the project are also included in the visual display. For our project, our group was also going to need a table for the purposes of setting up the stage for presentation (Harold 66). I detailed the design of the table in the visual display of the company. Last but not least, in included he names of the various sources of help that our group sort after.


Harold, R. Kerzner. International Institute for Learning. Project Management – Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence. John Wiley & Sons: United States, 2010. Print.

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