Need Help With My Writing Homework On Graduate Opportunities In The University O

Need help with my writing homework on Graduate Opportunities in the University of Nottingham. Write a 250 word paper answering; 48 Cranbrook House, Cranbrook Street, Nottingham, NG1 1ES, United Kingdom April 2008&nbsp. (Company address)&nbsp. Dear Sir/Madam,&nbsp. Re: Graduate Employment&nbsp.I was interested to find the graduate opportunities offered by your company in the University of Nottingham Careers Service Bulletin and I write here to explore the opportunity to work with WS Atkins from September upon the end of my current employment.

As you can see from my CV, I completed my Bachelor degree, Master degree and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Nottingham. I have practical experience through the laboratory work in the University, as well as the course work I was assigned at the University. I have undergone a number of complex team projects and achieved very demanding deadlines. I handle responsibility very well and, moreover, am able to act on my own initiative or to work as part of the team, as the situation requires.

My PhD Project was a Hybrid Mop-fan Thermoelectric system that aims to produce conditioned air for a room/building with a lesser toll on the environment. The system I developed is more suitable for hot-dry climate area. Now I am looking forward to expanding my experience by getting relevant employment.&nbsp.

Currently I am working as a project engineer for Knowledge Transfer Partner (KTP) Association. this is a joint program between Cooper Technology and University of Nottingham. I am handling a project with a budget of £200,000, which entails designing and manufacturing a new unbound material tester. I have to run this project by myself. starting from market awareness, project management, designing and manufacturing of the product to testing the product, promotion and selling of the product, I handle everything on my own. My educational background is Engineering only, however, with the help of my current job I have had the opportunity to learn management as well. This opportunity was also provided by KTP when they enrolled me in a number of training courses including those for project management, marketing, finance and leadership, software package training course, etc. I can now apply the knowledge that I gained from these training courses to my project work, and drive it to the right direction.

Your firm is of particular interest to me because it is well established and reputable with a good track record – especially in the building industry. A graduate placement with your firm will definitely add a wealth of experience to my work, especially within the domain of my studies, and also to my professional capabilities. I consider myself to be a well-motivated and enthusiastic individual who enjoys challenges. I am also keen to progress rapidly and I notice that your firm provides great emphasis in personal staff development.&nbsp.

I look forward to a favourable reply. I believe that given this opportunity, I would not only be able to further enhance my knowledge, but also be given ample opportunity to serve the global human interest in the domain of science and technology.&nbsp.

Thanking you in advance, I remain,&nbsp.

Yours truly,&nbsp.

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