Need Help With My Writing Homework On Group Decisions Write A 250 Word Paper Ans

Need help with my writing homework on Group Decisions. Write a 250 word paper answering; Group decisions Work group decision making entails individual s collectively making a choice from given alternatives. The groupdecisions are not attributable to a single group member. but to the group as a whole. This is because the desired outcome is made possible through. every group member and social group processes like social influence (Janis, 2002).

Social identity approach illustrates general group decision making. Social identity illustrate that changes as a result of collective decision making entails rational psychological processes (Janis, 2002). These processes develop the group essence in methods that are efficient in psychological ways, based on social reality that group members experience, and posses the ability of social impact in the society.

Formal decision making processes are applied in the workplace. for instance, consensus decision making and voting based decision making. Consensus decision making strives at avoiding losers or winners (Janis, 2002). Consensus illustrate that majority group members approve a specific decision, but the majority should accept to adhere to the decision. Voting based decision making provides each group member with a score. The decision approach with the highest allocated score is chosen.

Decision making is at times viewed individually as process and also outcome. Processes entail group members’ interactions. for example, coalitions of participants, influence or persuasion. A method of this decision approach is the subcommittee. Subcommittee entails giving responsibility of analyzing a decision, to the sub set of the bigger group. Subcommittees are mostly common in big governance groups, like the legislature (Janis, 2002).

Decisions Support Systems (DSS) are information technology systems that assist group members in coming up with appropriate decisions. These systems greatly minimize human errors in the decision making process. DSS is significant during decision making on large projects like. technological innovation, complex engineering, and foreign market entry (Janis, 2002).

Groups which very cohesive experience high influence of members in the decision are making process. Group cohesion illustrates a thorough study of how groups affect decision making capabilities of their members. The high influence in cohesive groups is because members need the belonging effect. hence. They own decisions collectively.


Janis, I. (2002). Victims of groupthink. Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin.

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