Need Help With My Writing Homework On Human Resource Presentation Write A 250 Wo

Need help with my writing homework on Human resource presentation. Write a 250 word paper answering; Human Resource Presentation The issue is all about whether to allow employees to use e-cigarettes in the workplace or not. The vaporized e-cigarettes are unlike the traditional ones as there is very low level of nicotine in them. Some experts believe that although e-cigarettes do not contain injurious elements that cause cancer but they could well lead to other diseases like throat infection and skin irritation diseases in the future. The Food and Drug Administration has not yet declared the use of e-cigarettes as something illegal. However, it is expected to make an&nbsp.announcement& the near future (Pyrillis 2).

Advocates of the theory like Peter Denholtz believe that the e-cigarette could be a start to a new era of productivity. In modern busy working environment, people do not find time to leave their office seats and go out to the stairs to have a smoke. This is where e-cigarettes are helpful. It is not injurious to the health of other people, and normally co-workers would not mind someone smoking this type of a cigarette. So with an e-cigarette, an employee would not lose his focus from work as he would not have to look for a smoking area every time he wants to smoke (Pyrillis 6).

Celia Joseph, an employee of Fisher and Phillips in Philadelphia, is of the opinion that it all comes down to the needs and corporate culture of an organization. Employers would have to figure out their HR policies. They would have to figure what type of a ban to place. For example, a ban on using e-cigarettes could be placed because of the tobacco it contains or because of the vaporized smoke it emits. If the ban is placed because of tobacco and not the vaporized smoke then, an employer would have no objection in people smoking in the workplace (Pyrillis 8).

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