Need Help With My Writing Homework On Humanism In Dolls House Write A 750 Word P

Need help with my writing homework on Humanism in Dolls House. Write a 750 word paper answering; &nbsp.The fact that Nora fills uneasy being around Mr. Krogstad reflects the deep sense of humanity kicking inside of her as she cannot learn to leave without the guilt of the crime that she committed. She fills sorry for her husband for not letting her know what actually transpired before they traveled to Italy. Towards the end of the story, she sets out to seek her own self-worth and identity just in time before losing everything. Her exit from Torvald’s life is an indication of triumph over feminism in search for humanism upon the realization that she had her own life to take care of which should not be undertaken at the expense of pleasing a man. Her inner belief is firmly entrenched in her statement, “I believe that before anything else, I am a human being.”

Mrs. Linde, on the other hand, is portrayed as being a very morally upright, hardworking and thoughtful woman owing to the fact that she was able to take good care of her family as well as finding a job in a bank based on her skills and not on the fact that she is a woman. Mr. Torvald offers her a job at the bank after taking a keen look at her past work records and experience and this out rules any doubt that the play is about humanism. Therefore it is not Nora’s intervention that lands her the job but her qualifications. Mrs. Linde is thus chosen to work for the bank over Krogstad who has known Mr. Torvald for a very long period of time and developed a personal friendship with him. If it was about feminism, the job would have been granted to her based on being a woman to be sympathized with or to be used for sexual favors. She is very independent in her thinking as opposed to Nora is gets influenced by her husband and hardly makes a decision on her own until that point when she begins to realize her self worth.


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