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Need help with my writing homework on In times of crisis, such as the one currently experienced in Europe, new ideas of how to manage and organise are required for the creation of new businesses, jobs and the protection of individuals well-being. In line with this statement, how can. Write a 3000 word paper answering; In this context it will specifically highlight the Euro crisis and its impact on the affected countries. It will also emphasize the importance of new company establishments and job creation in a country. The report will also shed light on how individuals influence the management practices of an organization. Finally the report will conclude stating the extent to which an individual impacts in company establishment and management practices.

During the last 15 years, countries around the world have been able to make impressive advancement and historical transformations in their economical policies. With rapid globalization and based on the institutional establishments nations have been successful in building up effervescent private sector. It has also led the countries to participate in international trade (Rutkowski and Scarpetta, 2005, p.xiii). The economic growth has in turn helped the nations to reduce the level of poverty as well as brought higher incomes. However the global economic downturn has disrupted the growth process and clearly indicated that no economic policy is stable enough to face economic crisis. Many scholars thus highlighted that it is important for the nations to focus on reforming the financials of a country. In this context a number of scholars have highlighted that financials of a country can be best reformed by creating new business ventures and thereby creating new jobs. According to Global Entrepreneur Monitor (GEM) around the world there are 200 million who are engaged in the creation of new jobs. There are another 200 million people who are the managers or owners of newly established firms. The study was carried out in 75 countries of the world and which covered nearly 80% of the total population of the world (Reynolds and Curtin, 2010, p.1).

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