Need Help With My Writing Homework On It Is The Introductory Memo Write A 500 Wo

Need help with my writing homework on It is the Introductory Memo. Write a 500 word paper answering; September 13, Introductory Memo Assignment This introductory memo is to provide you with the informationabout my current academic status. You will also find in it little information on my background, interest and goals. This information will help you make judgment on my ability to write and follow the direction that will position me in the right group.

Personal Information


Phone Number:


Name of My Academic Advisor:

Email of My Academic Advisor:

Career Objective

I am presently majoring in Finance with a prime objective of graduating on May 2016. My short-term goal is to participate in several internship programs in any job related to my area of study. I will gain much experience from the internship program that will prepare me adequately to work as Finance Advisor for the prospective firm. Attaining the position of the Finance Advisor for a company is my ultimate long-term goal.


I aim to express exceptional performance in my writing course for this semester. I will strive to internalize every information taught in class. Moreover, I will put into practice the skills learnt in the entire course into a real life situation. I hope to do part-time secretarial job during the vacation, where I will adequately apply the attained business and technical writing skills. I intend to perfect my writing skills by the end of this course.

Technical Experience

I am well conversant with QuickBooks. I love the software, and I will have no problem working in a Finance department.

I have vast experience with computers. I usually use my Samsung laptop when at home. My Samsung laptop has the following specifications, Core i7 with a processing speed of 4.00 GHz, and windows 8 installed.

Work/internship Experience

I recently worked in Dell Inc. and my key responsibility was to write the incorporation’s newsletters as well as updating the company’s website. These duties greatly improved my writing skills. My earlier workplace was in Coca-Cola Company, where compiled financial report for the company.

Other writing courses

During the spring of 2008 and that of 2009, I took English 101 and 102 at the College of Tarrant County situated in North Richland Hills, Texas.


Some of my achievements include participating in swimming competition, in which I emerged the best. I enrolled in a driving school and attained a license after completing the course successfully. I have also attained a driving license after completing the driving course. I will also list this course among my achievement after completing it successfully.


My desire is to excel in both technical and business writing course. I developed an interest to enrol in this course because of what I experienced at my previous workplace. I expect to develop good communication skills by the end of the course. Few business and technical writers exist, and I view this course as an opportunity from which I can earn a living after successfully completing it. In addition, I would want to assist students that struggle to improve their business and technical writing skills. I also plan to write business columns and publish them in the daily newspaper.

Kindly make a review of my introductory memo and assign me to a suitable writing group. I have provided personal contacts should you need additional information.

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