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Need help with my writing homework on Knowledge of Organizational Communication Concepts and Skills. Write a 750 word paper answering; Without building an effective organizational structure an organization cannot successfully survive in this competitive business world. Organizational culture consists of ideologies, beliefs, principles, rules and regulations and values that the individuals (employees and staff members) of a corporation’s share. The majority of staff members spend most of their time at their place of work to their organization’s culture clearly can have an effect on both their work lives as well as their personal lives. In fact, it defines the behavior of employees what they think, how they act and feel. An organization can implement an effective organization structure by keeping in mind a number of aspects. It is essential for the firm that their new appointments fit in the existing or perspective culture for a good fit for the staff members and the organization. The employees and management must understand their role in building an effective organizational culture. The organization must implement a culture that promotes employees’ loyalty.

Effective conflict resolution strategy can save an organization from many unnecessary events. Conflicts take place in almost every organization on a daily basis. It is impossible to avoid conflicts. These conflicts can be managed if they are recognized on time. An effective conflict resolution strategy can be implemented by keeping in mind the necessary aspects and factors. Issues that can cause a conflict must be managed promptly to stay away from the explosion of a big clash. The organization must form a culture in which its staff members feel aggravated at work and feel every single day challenging and exciting. Before putting into practice any idea, an organization must discuss it with everyone and none of the staff members should ever be left out or ignored.

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