Need Help With My Writing Homework On Lab Report On False Memory Write A 2000 Wo

Need help with my writing homework on Lab Report on false memory. Write a 2000 word paper answering; In this paper, it is clear that the individuals used remembered the non-represented words, but related words simply because they had similar frequencies as the presented words. On questioning the used individuals in this test, there was always a claim of remembering hearing the words that were non-represented which an indication of false memory is. False memory, in this case, shows a description of an event that in the real sense never occurred. This phenomenon has attracted a lot of research in the recent years with different individuals being used. The research represented incorporates a comparison of probe objects and irrelevant ones to aid in the other related researches performed in the laboratory to provide answers about the false memory phenomenon.

According to Mawr, most individuals have the belief that their memories are based on accounts of that which already occurred mostly in the past. In my opinion, memory is not just about retrieved and stored past information. It is based on data encoded and memories that are constructed with the use of past knowledge pieced together, to create a situation as one memorizes the entire event. It is essential to realize that memory is prone to interference and for this reason can be altered, lost, or even created. From previous researches, it is clear that each memory can be influenced by the least new aspect learnt with major emphasize on the aspect that knowledge changes our thinking on matters that had already happened.

False memory, in many early references, entails a condition where an individual creates an interpersonal relationship and identity, and they are both entered on false objectivities in which the individual believes (McDermott & Watson, 2001). It can also mean that an individual remembers the ideas quite differently from the actual manner in which they happened.

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