Need Help With My Writing Homework On Merger Acquisition And Business Strategies

Need help with my writing homework on Merger Acquisition and Business Strategies. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Mergers and acquisitions are an essential part of any healthy economy and are the ways in which the companies may provide the returns to owners and investors. However, many mergers fail or face serious issues while getting a new look. This is a risky step toward the development and success of the certain company, that without a well- planned strategy and skills of those who manage it, the whole idea may turn into failure. Recent studies found mergers and acquisitions to be the most efficient when the company merges with the other one of similar targets. Such merger brings success for both companies because it offers different products and services and greatly varies from its rivals.

A successful example of the merger can be noticed in the case with the Exxon-Mobil merger, the largest merger ever was undertaken. The oil industry has been forced to adapt to the solid change forces of globalization, industry transformations, technology, and innovations. This was the driving force for the Exxon- Mobil merger. By joining the complementary assets, Exxon-Mobile obtained a stronger presence in the areas of the world in which there was the highest potential for oil and gas exploring. The combined companies have also obtained a stronger position in investing in programs that involve huge outlays with future returns. After the Federal Trade Commission approved the merger, media reports considered that the two companies would have the biggest challenge to show how the customer would benefit from the merger. Experts think that the main reasons behind the merger were to improve earnings stability, fall oil prices and increase competitive advantage in technology. The benefits of the merger were in the synergies of near-term operating and improvements of capital productivity.&nbsp.The management also thought that the combined companies could use their capital more gainfully and such improvements would be realized through cost savings, efficiencies of scale and sharing of best management practices between the two companies. The businesses and assets of Exxon and Mobil were interworking in key areas and this brought& synergies&nbsp.for both companies.

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