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Need help with my writing homework on Modern Trends and Issues in Nursing. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Some reports claim that this shortage will worsen over the next few years. other reports claim that this shortage is slowly starting to ease. This paper shall assess whether or not the nursing shortage is slowly and gradually tapering off or is worsening. Three reports from various sources and media shall be used in order to assess this issue. On a personal note, this student believes that the nursing shortage will continue to worsen in the next few years and will not ease unless more drastic and more goal-oriented solutions are established to address this issue.

This article sets forth how the nursing shortage is not just a problem of one state, but of the whole world. The article points out how many people are avoiding this profession, preferring to work in other jobs, other than nursing. This is a common sentiment around the globe. The article also cites success stories in California where they were able to keep their nurses by reducing the workload (CBC News, 2007). In Canada, however, this is not likely to happen because the gaps in the shortage are too wide to breach. The workload of nurses cannot be reduced because work never seems to stop for these nurses. The phone never stops ringing and admissions are continuous. They work long hours, double shifts, and even consecutive shifts for 16 hours at a time (CBC News, 2007). Moreover, the Canadian Nurses Association claims that there are more graduates in nursing being produced than jobs being made available in Canada. Consequently, these graduates are being drawn in by United States hospitals which are capable of offering these graduates more than casual posts (CBC News, 2007).

The article above provides a scholarly literature review of the nursing shortage in the United States of America. The article sought to assess the factors which contribute to the nursing shortage in the United States and possible solutions to this issue.

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