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Need help with my writing homework on Molding a Career in International Law. Write a 500 word paper answering; When I started the application process, I began to reflect on my high school academic achievements. To my dismay, I learnt that I had not been enthusiastically inclined towards my academics. However, one achievement rose above all others. I continually sought this achievement with great ardor and rapture. It revolved around having an exhilarating experience of dancing in front of an audience of more than a thousand. Being the founder and an avid member of the B-boy Dancing Club has made me realize that I possess the capability to achieve anything that I set my heart and mind to. This revitalizing realization came late because of which I have lesser achievements to show. Though the realization did not bring with it flashy achievements, it did bring the confidence, appreciation and determination to achieve academic excellence in college. I have realized that in order to accomplish my goals in life, I must form a solid academic base.

I wanted to show that PFLHS (Pusan Foreign Language High School) students were studious, as well as ecstatic. In addition, I wanted our school carnival to be less of a cliché. For this reason, I decided to organize a small B-boy dance club with a group of friends. After hours of hard work and continuous practices after school, we were a success. Following our success, we were asked to perform at the school carnival and at athletic meetings. The success aroused enthusiasm within our juniors. Most of them wanted to continue the club, and evolve it to become the noted trademarks of the school carnival.

Before my tryst with the juniors and the consequent realization that came rather late in my academic career, I was scholarly disinclined because I rashly and carelessly regarded myself inapt for the “aptitude” necessary for academic excellence. But it was not this realization of misdirected disinclination that affected me altogether. What gave me the sense of commitment to academics I have now is the realization of disappointment that I must have rendered to all those around me, including friends, teachers, relatives, and most of all, my parents. The regret of hastily given up my scholarly endeavors. From that day on, I promised myself never to give up an endeavor without due effort. As Thomas Edison said, “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. I realize now that I do have an aptitude for academics and the capability to achieve any scholarly goals, as long as I do not give up premeditatedly.

Unfortunately, the change of thought and enthusiasm did not bring immediate success and stability in my academic career. I lacked a sense of direction. Nevertheless, I decided to make my place in the engineering world. Soon after that, I realized I was not meant to do Engineering. It is then that I understood I should focus my newly-found energy towards an academic discourse I was interested in. It is then that I found myself gaining interest in Business of Shipping. Apart from my increasing enthusiasm for it, the course would prove as a stepping stone into my ultimate goal of molding a career in International Law.

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