Need Help With My Writing Homework On My Education And Career Write A 1500 Word

Need help with my writing homework on My Education And Career. Write a 1500 word paper answering; I think education grooms a person, and if the education discipline is that in which one wants to pursue a career, then there remains practically nothing between success and the person, assuming he puts in all his efforts into his work.

Studying business management would not only allow me to understand various theories that underpin how businesses are managed, but would also allow me to learn from real life experiences of people, that I could later use to my help when I start my career. Moreover, almost all business management courses have an internship requirement before graduation, and that I believe, is the perfect time when young business graduates get to apply theoretical knowledge at work and get hands-on experience with real-life scenarios.

Once I get done with my Bachelors’ Degree in Business Management, I would have a lot of career opportunities lying in front of me. To start off with, I would ideally want to start my own company from scratch and take it to the verge of success. However, sometimes situations arise that cause a deviation from the prime plan. in these circumstances to I believe having studied business management I would be open to a wide array of jobs around the globe. A look down business management graduates tell us that they have been able to discover innumerable career opportunities in all fields of work, including accounting, finance, human resource, supply chain management, and various others.

In this section I would be comparing the university where I would be pursuing my education from, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), against another university which teaches the discipline that I would be pursuing. Manchester Metropolitan University Coventry University (MMU).


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