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Need help with my writing homework on Open Source and Open Standards in E-commerce. Write a 3500 word paper answering; These types of services are offered to cover against system problem, help, mitigation, and training. The revenue generation is offered by presenting some contractual aspects (GBdirect Ltd, n.d). 8

Saint-Andre (2009) has answered the question and stated that open source technology and products often rely on open protocols standards, for example, Mozilla with HTML/JavaScript/CSS, Apache with HTTP, Sendmail with SMTP. In this scenario, we can assess that the proprietary products and systems are also doing a similar job. In this regard, the open source technology developers need to confirm the platform’s efficiency to offer the user a better and enhanced experience. Therefore open source developer needs to fulfill all the quality standards of the open standards. However small development firms and software houses are restricted to construct closed implementations as well as consequently they are not fixed to limitations of licenses, for example, GPL (Saint-Andre, 2009). Saint-Andre (2009) has stated that a number of people thought that, the W3C or IETF supports a format or protocol. it consequently turned out to be a standard. However standardization is not an issue of authorization. however, it is a concern of recognition in the marketplace. Not the entire of standards are open (for instance, PowerPoint or MS Word). Despite the fact that, when formats, as well as protocols, are coming under the open standards, then open standards applications are technically strong typically be liable to be established through the marketplace like a standard. Certainly, a certain application or protocol turns out to be not simply a standard however the leading marketplace maker. For instance, Apache is the leading web server. It new protocol HTTPng was unsuccessful to grab sufficient market because it was not fully supporting the Apache community.&nbsp.

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