Need Help With My Writing Homework On Optimal Level Of Pollution Write A 2250 Wo

Need help with my writing homework on Optimal Level of Pollution. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Environmental health and safety remain a critical issue around the globe. Global organizations, NGOs, and governmental organizations in collaboration with the communities have dedicated much effort to the polluted environments. However, their efforts in pollution control face several setbacks. These include an increase in industries and factories in congested urban areas and others close to large water bodies, as well as poor draining and emission systems that cause huge damage. Chemical processing factories and oil production activities (especially exploitation and refining operation) specifically those in proximity to the oceans, seas, lakes, or other water channels, whether relying on the water sources for their production processes or transport, have negatively contributed to the varying thickness of crud residue on the water bodies. Industrial waste finds its way into the water bodies, while the oil wastes cover the water surface over time. Today, it may not be necessarily equivalent to thick water pollutions as the case of Cuyahoga River in Ohio in the1960’s, but the waste emissions into the water bodies are increasingly harming the health of living organisms (Scott, 2011). It is a common problem in India, as a result of the crud emissions consisting of nonrenewable resources, suspending solid particles, a variety of chemicals, layers of grease and oil, among other toxic substances from manufacturing, processing, and refining factories that end up in the natural water bodies.

Production is necessary for economic growth and development, but it does not part way with pollution. In other words, there is a certain level of pollution relevant to any factory’s level of production, provided it is maintained for a sustainable environment.

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