Need Help With My Writing Homework On Precis On The Common Sense By Thomas Paine

Need help with my writing homework on Precis on the Common Sense By Thomas Paine. Write a 500 word paper answering; Précis on the book “Common Sense” By Thomas Paine Thomas pain was an American philosopher, a revolutionary who had a unique combination as an English and American political activist and theorist. The writing of common sense started in 1775 as a political pamphlet under the original title of plain truth. At his time, Thomas Paine remains to be a true philosopher who provided desirable and pragmatic political alternatives. As an early thinker from Montesquieu and Hobbes authorities who differed in social contracts, he gives an original contribution towards ancient western thoughts.

The main theme in the book signifies America as a perfect example of democracy. Pain provides the main argument that the prevailing government ought to begin a new world change for better and operating government institutions. America as a sign of the democratic system has a great potential to give all citizens an opportunity for the sake of liberty, life, and happiness (Paine 16). In common sense, Paine demonstrates a strong argument for the American independence. The argument starts with common and general reflections on the government’s theories and religion. The argument progressively turns into colonial specifications and situations. The 1775 political pamphlet lays out precise and clear language on the reasons for independence. During its publication time, common sense created an impact on colonists with a close bend towards self-government and independence. Beginning with hereditary faults and ending with financial, geographical and moral reasons for breaking the ties with the colony, the book explains the pitfalls and the continuance of the peaceful status quo. The amazing scholarly work by Thomas Paine acts as a cornerstone for the independence declaration and some imperative U.S history (Paine 22).

The work by Thomas Paine features a true philosophical and political masterpiece. It is written with easy and plain English for easy understanding. It also presents a fascinating exploration of independence, civil liberty and national identity. The book possesses literal excellence with a profound and pervasive use of figurative language. The piece of work is not only an incited revolution but also a perfect craft of reasonable arguments. Common sense in this case provides an intriguing look into American history with a comprehensive national heritage. It is surprisingly very interesting and easy to read. As a definite reminder of American action in the struggle for independence, common sense stands out as a fascinating document full of influence, which should never be underestimated.

This non-fiction book act as an inspiration for the Americans in the fight for independence, human rights and freedom. The author illustrates the main points in a comprehensive perspective. There is the inclusion of politics as signified by the limitations of hereditary systems and constitutional monarchy. Region is represented alongside the America and Britain conflicts. There is also the setting of favorable geographical position and climate in support of the revolution. Through factual evidence and logical reasoning, Paine demonstrates the need for America to govern itself. He points out that the king of England values land and other resources as the prime interests. Paine illustrates that the equality can only be achieved through independence in his criticism for monarchy as a pervasive anomaly (Paine 35). It is hence clear that the book was an influential component for the people who needed independence. The prose is very appealing, and incendiary is hence providing the reader with the best idea on the sentiments for American independence by then.

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Paine, Thomas. Common Sense. Philadelphia: W. and T. Bradford, 1776.

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