Need Help With My Writing Homework On Qualitative Interviewing Write A 3000 Word

Need help with my writing homework on Qualitative Interviewing. Write a 3000 word paper answering; The sample for the interview would be a neighbourhood man of 24 years, UK citizen, working in the US, who is an ardent Arsenal Football Club fan and enthusiast, a regular EPL follower for last 15 years, since childhood. The qualitative interview would be conducted in view of the Qualitative perceptions of the Sample about the various European Football leagues in comparison to the EPL or the one branded as the Barclays Premier league. The recommendations received along with feedback would be used as primary data for the research in view of the Qualitative Interviewing techniques and mechanisms.

Qualitative interviews had been a part of education in various nations across the globe to have an idea about the perceptions and feelings of one who is interviewed to further do necessary assessments for records 1. The qualitative processes in research is dependent upon the knowledge of the interviewee along with the knowledge of the interviewer about the way the questions are framed to get the desired point of view necessary for the research purpose 1. Again, qualitative interview gives an idea about the intrinsic values of a user about a product and its benefits which are not qualitatively depicted but perceptions those can only be felt. Again, 2 qualitative interviews are a part of ethnography where the imaginations of one is interpreted based on sociological perspectives 2.

For an example, the person interviewed here cannot quantify his enthusiasm for the game but can obviously express about what and how the league is qualitatively different from another similar league in perspective point of view. Interview however has its own structure in making that may be formal or semi formal, in accordance to the seriousness of the subject and such various other factors.

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