Need Help With My Writing Homework On Representation Of Knife Crime In The Uk Me

Need help with my writing homework on Representation of Knife Crime in the UK Media. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Different media outlets in the United Kingdom have covered knife crime in different ways. For this research, the researcher will focus The BBC News as well as The Guardian. These media outlets have made detailed news coverage on matters touching on knife crime. The detailed articles are presented by journalists who have unearthed how the criminal gangs operate, the government actions to deal with them and how the general public perceives the group.

The research will analyze both news outlets in order to get factual details of the criminal gang’s numbers and the number of victims who have suffered knife stabs. Some of the victims survive the stabbings while others are not successful to get treatment as soon as the attacks happen. Some of the survivors are usually too afraid to talk about the attack for fear of being identified. The criminal gang members have created fear among the members of the public, and this research will dig existing information on the knife crime.

There are different definitions of knife crime in the UK. This entails threatening people with a knife or harming another person with a knife and carrying an illegal type of a knife. It may also constitute carrying or buying a knife if you are a minor (under 18 years). In addition, it also includes murder or assault where victims are stabbed using a knife and also burglary cases where thieves carry knives as weapons.

There are different types of knives which are illegal while some may be legal according to government regulations. To know which knives are illegal, you may check with the local police force. However, there is a complete ban on specific types of knives and anyone found in possession of them is considered a criminal or a partner in crime. One of these knives is the flick knives or automatic blades. The knives have a blade hidden in the handle and shoot out whenever you press a button.&nbsp.Butterfly knives are also considered illegal.

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