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Need help with my writing homework on Republic of Korea: Cultural Landscape. Write a 1250 word paper answering; An extremely high value is placed on education in South Korea. In 2005 The New York Times reported that students obsess about the university they will attend, and their rank in their high school class which will determine that, throughout their high school years. To this end summer school is a de facto if not a de jure responsibility and most students also attend private classes in the evenings. In summary, The New York Times states, “In a country where every teenager’s existence seems centered on entering a top university, which can determine one’s future here much more than in the United States, such conformity is to be expected.” (Onishi, 2005) Education is more highly valued in South Korea than it is in the United States.&nbsp.His fact is reflected in education statistics. The overall literacy rate is 97.9% and English is widely taught in junior high and high schools. Also, the school life expectancy rate (total years spent in school from primary to tertiary – college or university – education) is extremely high. For males, school life expectancy is 18 years and for females, it is 16 years. In neighboring China the rate is less than 60% (11 years) of the rate in South Korea. (“Korea, South”, 2010) Overall, the South Korean population is highly educated, highly literate and fluency in English is widespread. As the previous comments on education imply, Koreans hold a positive view of work that both explains and follows from the extraordinary priority they attach to education. Education is vitally important because it is a key determinant of employment.&nbsp.

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