Need Help With My Writing Homework On Scientific Merit Form Sections 1 Write A 2

Need help with my writing homework on Scientific Merit Form, Sections 1. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Teachers need opportunities to learn basic skills in instructional design to further their development as competent online instructors and developers, capable of playing the roles outlined by Goodyear, et al., (2001).

Designers, developers and administrators of online courses must perceive learning from the point of view of learners, which is a change from the traditional ‘sage on the stage’ approach in many traditional classrooms. The tone of writing, course structure and presentation should receive special attention (Pickett, Shea, & Fredericksen, 2001). Differences between face-to-face learning and online learning require special training for designers, developers and instructors.

Faculty members are faced with challenges in developing these courses without formal training in many cases. Therefore, the specific topic for this research is to investigate the skills that are required by the faculty responsible for online course development in terms of training since this initiative is quite unique.

Faculty are often responsible for creation, development, and management of online classes without formal preparation for performing these tasks (Carliner & Driscoll, 2009). This lack of knowledge indicates a need for increased knowledge and skill building for faculty developing and teaching online course. The tasks, skills, and competencies need to be identified for faculty designers who are faced with tasks related to developing and managing course content, facilitating and recording student activity, providing consultation sessions for students with questions and concerns and developing meaningful learning activities (Ally, 2008).

The purpose of this study is to understand the needs of faculty designers who develop and teach online courses. The findings from this study will provide insight into instructional development skills used by faculty-designers of online higher education courses.

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