Need Help With My Writing Homework On Sean Connery And His Screen Character Jame

Need help with my writing homework on Sean Connery and his screen character James Bond. Write a 1750 word paper answering; I choose Sean Connery as the actor who best portrays the British as a person and institution. He has won an Academy Award and has been knighted, which tells us that he

is recognised in the U.S., as well as his homeland, the U.K. He is the first actor to play the role of James Bond on film. Connery has a distinctive Scottish accent which adds to

his popularity as a British actor. Although he only found fame when he started acting as James Bond in 1962 at the age of 32, Connery was admired for his good looks. His fan base has remained loyal to him throughout his James Bond film career from 1962 – 1983. At his last unofficial Bond film, Never Say Never Again, he was older than most male movie star sex symbols but he still commanded great screen presence. Fans from all over the world were introduced to Britain, and all things British because of James Bond.Connery is a world icon in his representation of the British Secret Service agent/ In accordance with the screen image of Bond as the world’s super intelligent British

Intelligence Secret Service agent, the scripts were written to include locations world-wide. I have chosen to examine From Russia With Love in detail because the bulk of the setting was located within Britain, namely, its capital, London. The producers of the Bond films started with a very small budget for their initial Bond movies so this second

Bond movie was filmed mainly at their home ground, Britain.

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