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Need help with my writing homework on Should free access to Birth Control be Provided by every By Every Government as a Basic Human right. Write a 500 word paper answering; Should Free Access to Birth Control be provided by Every Government as a Basic human Right? Birth control refers to measures taken in prevention of becoming pregnant. The devices used in prevention of getting pregnant include female and male condoms, a diaphragm, birth control pills, emergency pills, vaginal rings and intrauterine devices. Government should provide free access to birth control because there are numeral advantages of family planning and engaging in safe sex (Gupta 211). This should be made a basic human right considering various factors like science, economics and political part of it.

Scientifically, the best birth control devices are the ones that are effective plus have minimal or no side effects. Some of the commonly encouraged contraceptives are barrier contraceptives. They include male and female condoms. They prevent unwanted pregnancies including sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, they do not have any side effects and are provided free by the government in hospitals, universities and other public places.

The hormonal and intrauterine devices prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also possess side effects (Darney 23). They do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Side effects include cardiovascular risks, blood clots and breast cancer.

There is economic growth when there is birth control. That is why the government is always campaigning for a couple to get children that they can afford and to reduce population growth. Economy grows because there is no large population that is depending on the few resources that the government has (Darney 23). There are fewer dependent children and both parents can participate in workforce contributing to the growth of the economy.

Politically, birth control has been encouraged by licensing birth control devices. The government offers free birth control pills and devices to poverty stricken areas. Health education is also encouraged in school by the government. Primary schools, high schools and universities pupils are taught against the consequences of unsafe sex. Health workers have been trained in providing health care services in hospitals and this is encouraged by the government.

Free access to birth control should be provided by governments as a basic human right because people will be in a position to have a child when they are financially and emotionally stable. Teenagers who do not have access to free birth control often end up getting pregnant while they are still in school. This is often embarrassing to the girl and the girl’s parents (Weschler 55). The pregnant girl drops out of a college or high school to take care of her pregnancy.

Their dreams and career are ruined and most of them face tribulation and challenges while bringing up the baby. A pregnant teenage girl often relies on her parents for financial assistance. The responsible teenager boy is made to finish his education quickly and look for a job in order to take care of his child (Weschler 56). Teenage parents do not have time to save for their housing and end up depending on council housing. Eventually, the baby grows in a less perfect environment. Sometimes there are premature marriages that end up to divorces because there are no assets, finances, love or the partners are not suitable for each other.

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