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Need help with my writing homework on Should Video Games Be Introduced into Schools. Write a 2750 word paper answering; The implementation of video games in the classroom provides an effective platform for teachers to assess the educational ability of students. Portal and Minecraft are some of the video games which can facilitate the cognitive learning achievement of students. The activity in the game Minecraft includes gathering, exploration, combat and crafting (Prensky, 2010). This provides an opportunity for players to virtually create anything. Portal is a puzzle-based videogame and its game style is more physics-based. The law of physics such as inertia and gravity is implemented by players to advance to the next level of Portal. The game is designed to inherent critical thinking and problem-solving. Both of the video games can be easily adapted to create different environments in the classroom. In high school, the Portal game can be utilized by teachers to teach physics. Minecraft game can be used to teach children. There are many video games that provide an opportunity for people to develop an entire city within the allocated money. Students get to know the basic comprehension of handling finances and managing budgets. The benefits of using video games in the learning process are not only regarded as advantageous to teach finance and strategy but also foster an interest in the branch of economics or business.

Video games can be used by teachers to examine the characteristics of students. This includes individual differences, self-concept, goal-setting, and self-esteem. Moreover, video games can stimulate the learning process by allowing students to experience challenge, novelty, and curiosity (Willis, 2007). The application of games in the classroom can help to maintain and achieve the attention of an individual for a long period of time. This resembles the fact that it can benefit students by providing an element of interactivity. Children who have a development problem or are severely retarded can be benefited by the application of video games. A child suffering from this symptom is known as autism. The implementation of video games can help to develop cognitive and basic skills. Some of the basic skills include social, basic reading, language, and basic math skills. Video game enables to treat fear of confined heights and places. The use of video games can enhance the learning experience and makes easier for a teacher to provide feedback of every student to the parents.

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