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Need help with my writing homework on Social Work: Mental health. Write a 1500 word paper answering; A disorder occurs when one loses control of his emotions and acts as pushed or controlled by them. This is when the social workers come in to contain and help the individual control and master their emotions (Howe 2008, p.2). Social workers dealing with mental health work with such individuals to help them overcome their mental disorders. They resolve these disorders, usually associated with families that have a line of mental health illness or those with psychosocial problems. However, some social problems lead to mental disorders such as unemployment, poverty, family distress, trauma, and disability. These problems usually lead to an emotional imbalance resulting in suicidal thoughts, depression, relationship problems, anxiety, family conflicts, personality disorders, and trauma and adjustment issues. The social workers provide a range of interventions that are evidence-based which focus on bringing out solutions such as psychoeducation, detailed psychosocial assessment and narrative therapy (Adams, Dominelli & Payne 2009, p.xvi).

Mental health social workers create a great and positive impact in the community at large (Crawford & Walker 2007, p.20). Mental health services have three broad divisions, which a social worker can either choose to specialize exclusively in one setting or practice across the broad of the three. These health care application programs include treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. Prevention targets to reduce cases of the disorder by modifying stressful environments. Treatment targets at reducing the existing cases of dysfunction in society, which include processes such as intervention and diagnosis.&nbsp.Rehabilitation’s main aim is to reduce the after-effects caused by a disorder by retraining the individual to enable him to use maximally his residual capabilities.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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