Need Help With My Writing Homework On Sommers Philosophy Write A 500 Word Paper

Need help with my writing homework on Sommers Philosophy. Write a 500 word paper answering; Philosophy, Essay Sommer’s comments are through regarding the young generation. The current generation has been spoon-feed to the extent they cannot do anything by themselves. They rely on information from third parties and take them to be the gospel truth without consulting further. Such parties include magazines and social sites such as face book, to go, twitter and several others. A good number of young people have been brought up in the urban setting. They, therefore, have little or no clue about their moral tradition. This happens because not even their parents are there to teach them the traditional morals. Majority of parents focus more on their work and give little attention to the young people. The youngster is left back with the house girl who may not be acquainted with the moral traditions. In addition, several young people waste their fruitful time watching televisions and listening to music (Sommers 89). This time would have been utilized in enhance their studies, which in turn equips them with knowledge. The young people also prefer going to such places as cinemas and swimming at the expense of going to church.

Sommer’s observations are remarkably accurate for me. I am certain that I know little regarding my moral traditions. This is because I have never found time to learn my tradition. I spent most of my time watching, travelling and chatting with friends. On a normal week when I am out of school, I spent two third of my day watching movies and several television programs. I then spent the other a third socializing with friends on social sites like face book and twitter just to mention but a few. Therefore, I spent little time with my parents who are responsible with equipping me with the traditional morals. During the weekends especially on Saturdays, I hang out with friends on such places as cinemas. On Sundays, I do some cleaning and later go for swimming. Therefore, I go to church on rare occasions, and when I do, I do not carry anything to write for future reference. Therefore, after a short time all that I had learned fades away. On the other side, when I am at school I spend most of the time chatting with friends, discussing the TV programs and movies, as well as playing games. We do not have time to discuss anything educational. To make matters worse, we give out assignments to be carried out by third parties. It is, therefore, through that most of us Leave College with little Knowledge of the courses we were taking despite having received the certificates for the course.

Sommer has moved a step further to provide some proposals to deal with the problem. These are achieved by engaging in the immense relearning. She suggests that to treat, cognitive moral, confusion that the students are suffering we should improve their knowledge as well s understanding of ethical history. In addition, we must reinstate their self-confidence in the immense moral judgment. This will help the students to be ethically eloquent as well as morally self-assured. Another proposal is to adopt an approach referred to as moral conservationism. This approach help the students to appreciate that they live in an environment that is moral and hence the need to guard and respect it accordingly.

One more feature of the essay that I found exciting is the existence of a core of uncontroversial ethical matters that were settled a long time ago. They are the standard of moral principles that all civilizations worthy of the name have revealed (Sommers 78). One will realize that, in every aspect of any great work, they come across the virtues that are considered basic. They include respect for peoples live truth, self-discipline, sincerity, bravery as well as altruism.

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Sommers, Chiristina and Sommers Fred. Vice and Virtue in Everyday Life.

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