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Need help with my writing homework on Take home exam for the class (economics of race and gender ). Write a 1250 word paper answering; Let us take the case of the United States: Azimzadeh says “most Americans believe in a three-class model – the rich, the middle class, and the poor. America is a diverse society considering its culture, economy, politics and ideology which make different levels of wealth, income, education, occupation and social behavior. It is not easy sometimes to classify certain groups or people in a certain class. One approach which is more common is based on cultural and economic diversity of the people and defines more of them in middle class” (2008).

In terms of economics, those belonging to the upper classes have very high living standards and occupy top positions in government or corporate organizations, the upper middle classes composed of highly-educated and well-paid professionals also maintain good living conditions while the lower middle classes made up of semi-professionals or ordinary workers have to cope up with meager resources.

In a political scene marked by free enterprise, the upper classes have more privileges and benefits that those who belong to the lower middle classes. They are accorded more rights and are considered more influential and have easier access to opportunities, income and other rewards.

There is the so-called economic model of time use wherein households rationally and efficiently allocate time, typically through specialization of one partner in paid work and the other in unpaid work.

The first condition is human capital which explains that men have more experience and education than women and biological differences, since women are those that bear children and care for them. The second is, the person with more power will do lesser unpaid work because household labor is less likable than paid tasks. The third is that although the experience and education of women have gone up during the past thirty years, they are still less paid compared to men.

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