Need Help With My Writing Homework On Tebate From The Point Of View Of A Fda The

Need help with my writing homework on Tebate from the point of view of a FDA Therac-25 based on Analysis with Rawls theory. Write a 250 word paper answering; Analysis with Rawl’s theory The FDA is not responsible because they responded to the information provided to us regardingthe accidents of the case. The machine was declared defective and ordered it not to be in service (Pogge 69). FDA is a USA department of health and human services whose responsibilities included receiving information from the AECL that the machine would have such features, upon testing we found the machine returning emissions within the safe levels of radiation The manufactures were the once who were responsible for the implementation of the features which protect patients against exposure to radiations. According to John Rawls theory of the original position from which agents overdue a veil of ignorance, which means that anybody is reliable for anything he or she does despite the situation they may find themselves.

The management is reliable for the accidents which occurred because they were neglected in providing all the necessary information regarding the reliability of their machine. ACEL most fulfill the causal condition because manufactured product was responsible for the death of several patients (Pogge 149). The reports which were obtained by AECL management, the company reported that the death due to an over dose of radiations administered to patients, which was as a result of THERAC-25 failure. According to the second formulation of the categorical imperative, AECL used public as merely a means to end because they were benefiting at the expense of people’s lives.

From a social contract theory perspective, it is in the best interest of group. self-interested, rational individuals who are epitomized by the government of the United States. The responsibilities were assigned to the ACEL to make sure they are eventually accountable for the engagements of their employees, and that norms and procedures are put to avoid similar issues from medical devices in the future.

Work cited

Pogge. John Rawls: His Life and Theory of Justice. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

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