Need Help With My Writing Homework On The Culture And Behavior Of South Africa C

Need help with my writing homework on The Culture and Behavior of South Africa Conflicts. Write a 2000 word paper answering; On the side of religion, we find that 50%of the population of South Africa practice Christianity than Catholicism, of which the correlation between religion and Hofstede dimensions has a very high rank of individualism (Nuttall 2003).

South Africa is among the multicultural cultural countries in this world whereby different ethnic groups come up together in urban centers to make a population, moreover aspect of colonialism of the indigenous black people in South Africa has brought up the existence of the white people i.e. Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Malays, and many others. This aspect of different people who have dominated South Africa from different continents has brought out diversity hence making it difficult to generalize etiquette and culture (Clark 2008).

On the aspect of families in South Africa, we find that most families are nuclear, extended or tribe, whereby in most African traditional societies they value tribe mostly because it I an important community which is the same as a nation. In South Africa, traditional Afrikaans culture recognizes extended families to be more important than the nuclear families while the white communities consider nuclear families most. It is notable that the ultimate grassroots of a tribe is the nuclear family whereby family units and tribes have been changed by changes in the economic setup of a country. when some of the family members migrate to urban center’s they try their much effort in maintaining family ties by providing both materials financial support to their family members whom they left at the village when they migrated to urban areas (Carter 2012).

In South Africa, there is a great difference in the case of rural/urban dichotomy whereby there are great differences values of rural and urban dwellers, by examining them&nbsp.critically we find that the most of the whites who are in rural villages are Afrikaners whom they were brought down by Calvinists hence ending up practicing farming at the village.

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