Need Help With My Writing Homework On The Importance Of Queuing Systems Write A

Need help with my writing homework on The Importance of Queuing Systems. Write a 500 word paper answering; &nbsp. Contextually, the Poisson arrival time of the Single-Server Queuing System is 10 units per hour i.e. for each customer the maximum time that would be spent in the waiting line is 6 minutes. Moreover, the constant service time for each of the customer is 2 minutes. Therefore, the maximum total time consumed by the customer in availing the service is 8 minutes. Therefore, it can be stated that customer waiting time in seconds will be 480seconds on average.

The calculation for the aforementioned is depicted hereunder.

10 units = 60minutes

Therefore, 1 unit = 60/10

= 6 Minutes Waiting Time.

Constant Service Time = 2mins

Therefore, Complete Service Time = 8mins

Hence, the Average Time in Seconds is 8*60sec= 480 seconds per person

Single-phase queuing system is a type of queuing system where there is a single server, which provides service to the customer entirely. There are two types of single phase queuing system. One is of single-channel i.e. the presence of a single server for every customer in the waiting line. While, the other is of multi-channel i.e. the presence of multiple servers, but each server is providing service to the customer. Single phase queuing system is appropriate when a single server delivers all the desired requirement of the customer. This type of system is appropriate when there is no requirement of multi-specialized service providers (Ozcan, 2009). For instance, this type of system is mostly seen when a person goes to hairdressing saloon. A single service provider of the saloon provides the desired requirement of the customer at his/her own. This system is diagrammatically shown below.

On the other hand, Multi-phase queuing system is a type of queuing system where there are multiple servers to provide service to the individual customers one after another i.e. in phases. There are two types of the multiphase queuing system. One is the single channel, where the entire customers pass through a single set of servers. The other is the multi-channel, where there is a presence of multiple sets of servers. The multiphase queuing system is appropriate when there is a requirement of multi-specialized service providers. Here a specific task of the service is provided by a service provider or a group and the rest is performed by the different service providers at phases. Here each service provider is specialized at his/her work. This type of system is prominently seen in hospitals. In hospitals the service to the customer i.e. the patients are provided at multiple phases. Each individual or teams are the different service providers. These are the receptionists, nurses, doctors, pathologists, physiotherapists, and more. Each one of them provides service one after the other at different phases and each one of them is highly specialized in his/her role (Ozcan, 2009). A diagrammatic representation has been evaluated hereunder to determine the multiphase queuing system.


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