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Need help with my writing homework on The Use of Animals for Research. Write a 500 word paper answering; Animals and their roles in research Researchers use animals for research and there are individuals who do not support the use of animals in research. There has been a heated debate among individuals on whether we should use animals to test products. Individuals have differing opinions on the issue of animals used to test the safety of products. There are individuals who believe that animals have feelings and emotions. On the other hand, there are individuals who view animals as projects that need to be used for science. Animals have very many significances to humans and the society. Animals are used for companionship, transportation among other uses. The society benefits from the end result achieved from testing products on animals. Some individuals feel that the animals should not be subjected to pain to benefit humans. The rights of animals are infringed when animals are used for research testing. Animals have the right to be respected and treated with care (Melby, 12). Every individual wants to live life free and enjoy each moment that life has to offer. Animals should be used for scientific testing of safety products.

Scientific research benefits most individuals because there are new products developed through research. Individuals benefit from quality and safe products in the society. There are special animals used to test scientific products in the society. The animals are bred in labs specifically to be used for scientific research. They are not taken from their natural habitat every time a research needs to done. They are given specific diets that hare important in the scientific research. Human beings need animals to be part of their survival. Nature gave the human being a brain to be used to make life better. Humans are entitled to use the resources available to us to find ways of surviving (Melby, 16). The use of animals for research is vital for the existence of individuals in the universe.

There is a food chain in the animal kingdom and animals hunt other for food. Individuals kill animals like cows and chicken for food, it indicates that there is a food chain that exists. In this case, killing of animals is accepted by some members of the society. Individuals are gifted with the natural ability of thinking by nature. The researcher learns more about animals through animal research. Information from a scientific research is used to develop drugs that benefits most individuals. Drugs are first tested on animals to check whether it is safe. Animals offer have diverse model that human beings do not offer (Melby, 24). There are animals that exist that have similarities to human beings. Polio vaccine tested in monkeys, indicated the importance of scientific research on animals.

In conclusion, animals in biotechnology are only used for research. Animal testing should not be eliminated because human benefit from it. Animal testing does give individuals the right to abuse animals. Animals need to be respected and treated with dignity. Statistics show that, more than half of the researches on biotechnology depend on animal testing. The investigations depended highly on animal testing for success. Lastly, the use of animals for experimental testing has resulted in more benefits to human than the minimal harm it causes. Animals are an important of biomedical research, for their contribution to the development of drugs.


Melby, Edward C.&nbsp.The Importance of Laboratory Animal Genetics, Health, and the Environment in Biomedical Research. 1st ed. Vol. 3. Orlando: Academic, 2012. Print.

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