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Need help with my writing homework on The Water Cube Project: Arup Project Management. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The success of the project was also underpinned by building effective control systems which included email, shared servers, and interfaces that facilitated better discourse between project members. Such systems also created opportunities for routine data collection and analysis, further underpinning success in decision-making in terms of cost control and resource allocation. Planning and monitoring as strategies of Arup were the most instrumental in ensuring that the project achieved its objectives, which is supported by best practice literature in project management. This report highlights how planning and development of monitoring and control systems best served meeting budgetary and timeline expectations for the closure of the Water Cube project.

In preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Arup Project Management was heavily involved in the construction and design of the Water Cube Aquatic Centre, a highly successful project. What made this project so significantly triumphant was proper planning and establishment of relevant monitoring and control systems. Outside of the physical and functional features of the Water Cube, in relation to architectural design, Arup’s involvement in planning the proper team, developing effective organizational hierarchies, and ensuring that project outcome was achieved underpinned Arup’s success in this project. This report evaluates why Arup’s planning, monitoring, and control systems contributed to achieving successful project objectives.

The Water Cube Project entailed construction of a revolutionary aquatic center in Beijing which would facilitate aquatic competitions for the Games. The center was to be constructed to sustain a competition pool, a warm-up pool for competitors, and a relevant diving pool. For the purpose of the Games, the center was to be constructed with 17,000 spectator seats and, after the Games, be reduced& 7,000 seats which would sustain center activities once the Olympics were completed.&nbsp.

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