Need Help With My Writing Homework On Training To Prison Staff In Post Conflict

Need help with my writing homework on Training to Prison Staff in Post Conflict Areas. Write a 500 word paper answering; NGO under Penal Reform aims at training prison staff in a number of areas. Areas of interest range from rehabilitation priority to discrimination reduction as well as incorporating respect for humanity when handling prisoners. The prison law enforcing officers will get training on the legislative reforms that seek to improve legal precautionary measures for prisoners. It is also the mandate of the NGO during the process to develop proper and appropriate training curricula for prison law enforcing officers. It will as well provide prison staff with technical assistance to training in conflict resolution. At that time, the prison staff will get an opportunity to understand the need to apply other human rights friendly methods of discipline. Training prison staff will provide other possible alternatives to corporal punishment for inmates. Alternatives such as services to the community, working in the government farms among others. Prison staff will also acquire special training on how and when to receive complaints from the prisoner as well as addressing them amicably.

The NGO also seeks to promote the standard principle organization that protects all persons under any form of detention. The NGO has also laid down the foundation to raise public awareness about the prison population and its composition. Based on its plan, the NGO intends to take into account the affairs of vulnerable groups and the harmful impacts of imprisonment. The detainees will have a chance to understand their rights and give them the advantage of pre-trial detention or imprisonment. The prison wardens should also learn during the training that the post-conflict areas need healing and reconciliation mechanisms. The healing and reconciliation process does not encourage brutal means of handling inmates.

The NGO further wishes to announce its collaboration with other stakeholders to secure funds that will help drive the reform initiatives. The management wrote to potential donors that have promised to provide financial support for reform initiatives and projects. The NGO also calls upon other willing partners to assist in every way possible towards achieving success in the task. The NGO further recognizes the support provided by the United Nations, to conduct its activities. During the reform process, the organization will strengthen its efforts through the support given by the United Nations. Support by the UN includes the adoption of the standard minimum rule for the treatment of prisoners. Second is the respect for human rights and no discrimination against prisoners.

The UN recognizes that prisoners deserve recognition of their fundamental rights as outlined under applicable human rights standards. The NGO, through this press release, wishes to clarify that it does not support criminal activities and other vices in the society. Instead, it advocates the rule of law and justice to all. Further, the NGO supports other reforms in the justice system including spacious prisons to address the challenge of overcrowding (PRI, 2014). The NGO anticipates working with every stakeholder for a better result. The training program will kick off from January 2015.

For more information, please visit www.prisonreformsngo.

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