Need Help With My Writing Homework On Web Develop Report Write A 1000 Word Paper

Need help with my writing homework on Web develop report. Write a 1000 word paper answering; First, the website lacks the repetition of visual elements, which is important for the interactivity of a website. In terms of contrast, there are very few blocks of text that contract with the website’s background. Several texts are almost illegible and one would struggle to understand the words put across by the website. ‘Barry Tebb’s Mental Health Blog Website’ link and the whole of ‘Feature Articles’ section give such examples. This is shown below.

In terms of proximity, related items are near each other as they should be. The issue arising here is that nearly everything is at this same proximity. While ‘Review’ and ‘E Magazine’ are two separate sections, they have been spaced the same distance as the line breaks in the paragraphs!

The fourth item I need to criticize is the alignment of elements to create visual unity. Sixties Press has tried to inculcate this within the main part of their website. However, they have not done it so well. While the paragraphs and sections are aligned in vertical columns, the text is centered. While this may make sense in the case of a poem, this is a website and therefore does not apply at all. The navigation menu has ignored alignments totally.

The content displayed by Sixties Press seems to go hand in hand with its relevance as a poetry website. The audience, who are mainly the poetry fans, can get informative and relevant information from this website. Therefore with over 8 years of operation, they have developed confidence in the website’s knowledge and competence. The content seem to be short and organized, labeled and broken down into short paragraphs. Sixties Press seems to update its content regularly, something that is likely to endear it to its visitors.

Flashy graphics and animation, which may distract someone from getting to the meat of the website has been hugely avoided.

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