Need Help With These Questions Any Help Would Be So Appreciated Thank You The Nu

Need help with these questions, any help would be so appreciated, thank you

The number of psychology majors at a small liberal arts college indicating interest in taking the following electives.

Physiological Psychology     Cultural Psychology     Psychology of Aging 

16                                          24                                 31

3.  A researcher is doing applied research on preventing falls in the elderly. He wants to run an experiment on the impact of a series of Wii (computer assisted) exercises on the balance ability of elderly residents of an assisted living facility. He randomly assigns half his participants to engage in the Wii program for six weeks and the other half to engage in traditional balance promoting exercises.  

It will be important that the two groups have equal spatial ability before he runs the experiment. Using the Analysis Toolpak in Excel calculate the descriptive statistics for the experimental (Wii) group and the control (traditional exercises) group. Compare them in terms of measures central tendency, variation, skewness, and kurtosis. What do they tell you about the two groups?

         Spatial Ability Scores

Wii Group                  Traditional Exercise Group

         100                         100

          108                          103

          88                            104

        70                            98

        82                           102

          110                          95

        104                          100

         94                          101

         98                          121

          118                         103

         88                          106

         89                          103

        101                         106

        96                          99  

         91                          105

 4. Use the following data to produce a pivot table. Explain what it tells you.

ID             Risk Level       Locus of Control

 1                   1                       A

2                   2                       B

3                   2                       B

4                   2                       B

5                   1                      A

6                   3                       B

7                   3                       B

8                   3                       A

9                   2                       B

  10                 2                       A

11                  3                       B

12                 3                       B

13                 1                       A

14                 2                       A

15                 2                        B

16                 2                       B

17                 3                       B

18                 2                       A

19                 2                       B

20                 3                       B

1 = Low        A = Internal

 2 = Medium  B = External

 5. = High

5. For each of the following correlations report: 

  • the type of correlation (positive or negative)
  • what the correlation means in words. (For example, in a positive correlation we could say “As ____ increases, _____ increases.”
  • the general interpretation of the correlation coefficient, i.e., whether it is a very strong relationship, a moderate relationship, a weak relationship, etc.

a)    The correlation between grades in basic math and advanced math classes at a small liberal arts college where r = +.78.

b)    The correlation between reading ability and social science grades in a middle school where r = +.52.

c)    The correlation between test anxiety scores and grade on an achievement test where  r = -.42.

d)    The correlation between math aptitude scores and musical aptitude scores in second graders where r = +.28.

e)    The correlation between the number of books read over a year and the scores on a popular video game where r = -.38.

6. A researcher in animal behavior was interested increasing veterinarian care for dogs. He was particularly interested in the effect of the time spent in the waiting room of a vet’s office on the dog’s heart rate when first taken in the examination room.

Use the following data to:

  1. compute a correlation coefficient using Excel.
  1. What data scatterplot using Excel. 
  1. explain in words what the correlation coefficient tells you about the relationship between time in the waiting room and heart rate. What does it not tell you?

Time in Waiting Room              Heart Rate

           14                                           116

           15                                           104

           10                                           102

           21                                            98

           11                                           103

           16                                           114

           12                                           116

           18                                            90

           16                                           103

           10                                           123

7. Which type of correlation would be appropriate to calculate for each of the following sets of data?

A.   Correlating gender and whether one is a college graduate (yes/no)

B.   Correlating rank in a graduating class (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and score on a test of optimism

C.   Correlating gender and score on a test of optimism.

D.   Correlating scores on a test of optimism and scores on a test of subjective well-being

E.    Correlating rank in a graduating class of traditional college students and rank in initial salary offering for first job after graduating

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