Need Help With This Questions In Python 3 Create Main Function And Call It 10 Po

Need help with this questions in python

3) Create main function and call it (10 Points)

4) Create function that asks the user for their 2 favorite foods separated by a comma and print out those foods. This function should be called in the main function

5) Create function has a loop that asks the user to list their favorite foods one at a time and to enter an “X” when they are done. The loop need to end when the user type in only an “x”. The values should be stored in a list. This function returns the list. This function must be called by main and the list printed out in main.

6) Create function that asks the user for their name and detects that there are at least 2 names and accepts last, first and first last. It will then return the first and last name. This function should also be called by the main and the first and last name printed out in the main function

7) Create function called lineNumbers that asks the user for the name of a file. The function should display the contents of the file with each line preceeded with a line number followed by a colon. The line numbering should start with 1

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