Need In 20 Mins 1 What Is Meant By Unfree Working Relationships

NEED IN 20 MINS … 1.What is meant by “unfree” working relationships?A) People could choose a career or an occupation that they really do not wantB) People could not choose a career or an occupation that they really do not wantC) People were not bound by a series of obligations and dependent relationships of their own choosingD) People were not bound by a series of obligations and dependent relationships not of their own choosing2.Which one of the following was not a characteristic of the world of artisans?A) Small-scale productionB) A high level of skilled craftsmanshipC) Production of goods for the world marketD) Self-reliance expressed in community and citizenship3.Which occupational groups benefited from the French and Indian War (1756-1763)?A) Merchants, farmers, and gunsmithsB) Farmers, gunsmiths, and fishermenC) Gunsmiths, fishermen, and merchants4.Which of the following was not a feature of early New England society?A) An expectation of individual conformity to dominant valuesB) Gender equality within the churchC) A strong tradition of local autonomy and self-governmentD) Patriarchal power relations within the family5.Presently, which theme dominates the mainstream narrative of the history of work in the United States?A) The history of work in America is about the expansion of wage slavery because most Americans are not self-employed and remained enslaved to in 9 to 5 type jobsB) The history of work in America is really about the expansion of freedomC) The history of work in America is really about working people fighting for higher wages and higher productivity6.Which selection best describes the work arrangements in early colonial America?A) A thriving, prosperous market economy with money at the center of labor exchangesB) Close community survival based on cooperation with barter at the center of labor exchangesC) The English North American colonies had economies based on slave labor producing commodities for the international markets7.Which concept was present in a Native American society in 1700?A) IndividualismB) Private property rightsC) Wealth accumulationD) None of the selection8.Which selection best describes many early twenty-first century Americans’ views toward able-bodied persons on public welfare that is similar to the thought that seventeenth century English and English Americans held toward the unemployed?A) Able-bodied persons without jobs are lazy and unproductiveB) Able-bodied persons without jobs must be judged on a case-by-case basis; after all, some people became jobless through no fault of their ownC) Able-bodied persons without jobs are idle, but willing to work9.Which one of the following contributions did women revolutionaries not make to the war effort?A) Many women maintained farms, workshops, and businesses while their men went to warB) Some women issued proclamations and other demands for political equality for womenC) Some women, disguised as men, fought on the battlefieldD) Many women laundered clothes, nursed the wounded, spied on the British, or performed other work for the soldiers and officers of the revolutionary armies10.Which person lived in a moral economy?A) An indentured servantB) A free wage laborerC) A chief executive officerD) A Country & Western musician

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