Need Sales Marketing Strategy Section Done For Our Company Divine Luxury Cleanin

Need SALES & MARKETING STRATEGY SECTION done for our company, Divine Luxury Cleaning, we are creating.

WHAT I NEED DONE – Section requirements:

Describe the role, the strategy, and the execution of your total communications plan. What is your message? What are your specific communication vehicles, such as advertising, literature, promotion, the Internet? What type of scheduling or timing will you use? Show your budget by year and type of expense.

Here is an overview of company:

Divine Luxury Cleaning Company is an expert cleaning company that service residential homes and all automotive products.  The company’s services include complete cleaning packages to fit the needs of their clients whether large of small. Services offered in automotive packages include but are not limited to hand car wash, car waxing, carpet vacuum, interior cleansing, and tire enhancements and polish. Services offered in home packages include bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window washing,  general room cleaning, furniture polishing, move in/out services, bed changing, appliance cleaning, cabinet cleaning,  seasonal cleaning, and floor cleaning. All cleaning needs are customized to fit the needs of the client. The company is 100% mobile, meaning all staff members are dispatched to the home or automobile site that is in need of cleaning services. The staff member arrives with all the necessary equipment to perform professional services and does not leave without the seal of approval from it customer.  In addition to the added convenience of all mobile services, there will be an application for the customers to use.  This application will allow them to schedule their services, make adjustments, review any notes from the servicer, even open their residence or car, and review security cameras if they opt for the full technology package.

I have included SWOT Analysis info to get better understanding of our company. SWOT Analysis:

Company’s strengths              

Our company’s strength lies from the fact that they will be offering unique products/services at a relatively lower price. This will attract a lot the middle group class in the society who do not go for cleaning services as a result of their high prices.  The nature of our small business services which involves the use of technology is also a major company strength. All of our business can be run through our app. Our clients will create an account, schedule services and pay all without having to have face-to-face interaction. Therefore, there’ll be no interruption of their day by having to sit on a phone speaking with customer service representative unless they wanted to. By doing almost everything remotely, our company will attract workers who are often tied into their daily job posts. We will give the clients the time off they deserve while our employees do the cleaning job. We also allow our clients to continue with their normal schedules and have our employees come to where there are for car cleaning services.

Company’s weaknesses

The key competitive weakness our business faces is the lack of experience in the cleaning industry since it’s a startup company. Our company will therefore be faced with the challenges of forecasting changes in demand of their services and are likely to face various risks. The company will also face harsh competition from the already existing companies (Bull, 2016). Potential clients may also fail to recognize the firm and may feel insecure while leaving their properties in hands of a new firm. Also, with the fact that most, if not all, of our business is run through an app we will be faced with funding the development of a very reliable application is accessible and functional through every operating system of both phone and computer.

Company’s Opportunities(external factors)

There still exist room for success and incorporation of new firms in the cleaning sector. The demand for remote and online services is one of the opportunities that exists in the industry as nearly half (46 percent) of all two-parent families with children younger than 18 have both parents working full time outside the home, versus less than a third (31 percent) of U.S. families who fit that description in 1970, according to the Pew report, titled “Raising Kids and Running a Household: How Working Parents Share the Load.” Our company has the ability to fill this gap given it has come up with strategies on how to offer their services by use of smartphones. Global growth with new market forms is also an opportunity that the company should exploit. The team should as well diversify their services so as to meet the client’s needs.

Company’s threats.

As a small, start up business, the company faces the risks of facing harsh and unfair completion from the already established firms (Hollensen, 205). The market therefore offers horrible growth potential to new firms. Legal restrictions and sanctions may also hinder the effective performance of the firm. We will have to adhere to California’s rules and regulations in regard to the products we can use and how they should be properly disposed of. High taxations will further discourage the operation of the firm as expected. Another threat that our company can face is ensuring the safety of both our employees. We will accomplish this by extensive background checks and set limitations on who we will allow to work for us to ensure the safety of our clients. To ensure the safety of our employees we will employ the buddy system where there are always at least two people to a route, are clients will be required to fill out a questionnaire where we can determine if the client’s location is unsafe for our employees and our app’s technology that will be alert us of check in and out times, car tracing and Push-To- Talk capabilities for immediate assistance if ever necessary.  

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