Need To Be Complete In 1 Hours 150 Words Agree Or Disagreesadistic Behavior Invo

need to be complete in 1 hours 150 words agree or disagree

Sadistic behavior involves inflicting pain or psychological abuse on a victim wo is conscious. The victim is able to experience humiliation or pain for the purpose of sexual gratification (Turvey, 2012). An offender who is a sadist receives satisfaction from the torturing of an individual rather than the act itself. Examples of sadistic behavior includes biting, mutilating, or other types of torture. A sadistic offender is typically a psychopath or sociopath. Sadistic behaviors include strangulation, biting and Ecchymotic patters, mental torture, electric shock, cutting and flagellation. Although these behaviors can be associated with a sadistic behavior, some nonsadist offenders portray similar behaviors. Both types of offenders were found to use excessive force over 90% of the time. According to a study conducted by Healey, Lussier, and Beauregard (2012), the main characteristics to distinguish a sadist from a nonsadist is the use of restraints, humiliation, mutilation, and the act was premeditated. 

Auto-erotic esphyxia is the act of decreasing oxygen to the brain while masturbating to increase the feeling sensitivity of the orgasm. Many of these cases go wrong and result in death. In some cases, auto-erotic exphyxia is mistaken for suicide. There are many reason’s this can happen. One of which is the family members will hide pornography(a key indicator) to keep the family from being humiliated and “saving the families name”. 


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