Need To Create A Table With The Following Columns We Are Tracking Properties Tha

Need to create a table with the following columns-we are tracking properties that have been rented

PropertyNum 5 maximum numeric digits (no decimal points)

Street up to 15 characters

City up to 12 characters

State 2 characters

Zip 5 characters

WeeklyRental 6 maximum numeric digits (2 decimal digits)

MonthlyRental 6 maximum numeric digits (2 decimal digits)

AgentNum 5 characters

Tentant up to 14 Characters

The table name should be your last name, plus your student number or another “unique” number (which can be John Doe 1245)

Insert the following four records into the table (ensure the format agrees with the field type)

(40011, 8215 Main St, Denver, CO, 33331, 650.75, 1200, ID102, Johnson)

(50112, 4711 Beacon St, Boston, MA, 60644, 800.50,, 1300, ID103, Brown)

(60213, 925 Myrtle Rd, Sarasota, FL, 33385, 450.50, 1100, ID103, Davis)

Include another record with different content- you determine the content, EXCEPT it must use ID103 for the AgentNum, and your last name for the Tenant

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