Need To Design A Questionnaire About 12 Questions Including Likert Scale Brand P

need to design a questionnaire about 12 questions (including Likert scale, brand performance question, brand imagery question, brand judgment  question, brand resonance question). see in sample questionnaire

Report details 

  • 5 pages maximum (there will be a penalty for exceeding page limit) 
  • Font – 12pt, Times New Roman, single space 
  • Use of figures/diagrams/graphs is encouraged 
  • References, appendices not included in page limit 


1.Historical overview and background 

  • Parent company background 
  • Existing brands 
  • History of chosen brandAny changes in positioning/target market? CompetitorsExisiting brand extensions (if any) 
  • 2. Brand inventory 
  • Brand elements 
  • Brand associations Positioning strategy (POP/POD) Target market Existing campaigns    

3.Consumer perceptions 

• Conduct quantitative research to identify: 

Brand awareness/usage Brand performanceBrand imageryBrand judgments/attitudes Brand resonance 

Important: Min. sample size of 10 consumers 

   4. Findings 

  • Is there a gap between desired positioning and the positioning based on consumer perceptions? Why? 
  • Which are the main drivers of brand equity (which of dimenions positively or negatively affect brand equity)?    

5. Recommendations 

 What can be done to rectify the problem/s? 

Play consultant and be creative 

Possible extensions?Trimming the brand portfolio?Change pricing? Packaging? website/? Promotion campaign? 


Understand what consumers think of the brandCan be broken up under the following:  following 5parts should be mentioned   see the sample (Rolex)Historical overview and background 

Brand inventoryConsumer perceptionsMain findingsRecommendations 

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