Need To Watch And Read Following Video And Interview Links Are The Cost Of Livin

need to watch and read following video and interview links are  

“The Cost of Living” by DV8 Physical Theater, here:

and read this interview with the Artistic Director here

answer questions 

In addition, your paper should respond to the following:

· Who choreographed the work and who were the performers?

· What actually happens in the performance (how were bodies physically moving on stage, using the space, intensity or variation or stillness of their movements, juxtaposition of dance or actions, using props, costumes, etc.) 

· What do you think the choregrapher and/or dancers were exploring in their work?

· How did they explore this through their bodies and movements?

· What was your personal response to the work? 

another requirements are 4 page double spaced and   

Your essay should cite two of our readings from class 

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