Needs Two Or Three Line Answer For That Important For Exam 1

Needs two or three line answer for that:-(Important For Exam)

1.Understand the basics of lighting formation-why charges separate ,the difference between a positive and negative strike,cloud to cloud vs cloud to ground..??

2.Understand the basics of thunder ,why does it form and why does it sound differently with each strike..??

3.Understand the basics of hail formation,what controls hail size and record sized hail..??

4.Understand wind shear and role it plays in tornado formation..??

5.Where do most tornadoes form in US and why..??

6.Where do most tornadoes form in world and why..??

7.How does radar detect tornados..??

8.Understand the basic structure of hurricanes(eye,ewall,rainbands)..??

9.When and why is peak in atlantic hurricanes..??

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