Network Or System Intrusion Relates To Any Unauthorized Activity On A Computer N

Network or system intrusion relates to any unauthorized activity on a computer network without permission. In today’s many of organization facing network intrusion problems which are critical to handling. To detecting intrusion is very important to know about the attacks and how they work, it totally depends on defenders understanding. In most of the cases observe the unwanted activity to hack the system or network and threaten the security option. Sometimes attackers utilize more than one route to target that particular network. They are very clever and use different types of method to hack the system and takes command on all over network activity. (Jones, 2000)

Attackers target to take control of all over network activity to steal the secret information of the organization. They target the source of communication and different channels. They always try to prevent the information from reaching its intended target. They can easily perform this by cutting the wire or overload the main link. Through this, the information dropped. Sometimes they target the wiretappings to take access to information. When the information transit from one site to another site then information can be intercepted and also modified. An attacker can insert the counter object into the system and able to access. (Conklin, 1999)

If we take proper precaution and better security option then we can reduce these type of cyber attacks.  There is a different security mechanism available which we can use to secure our system. We can secure our data by applying the mechanism of attack prevention which simply works on different pathways of preventing network security against these attacks. The important element of this category is access control and can apply for different levels like the operating system and network connectivity. To avoid an attack by taking preventive action is also a better option to choose in which attacker may access the resources but information is modified which makes it useless for an attacker. In this type, the information pre-processed from the side of the sender before transmitting it and then post-processed at the side of the receiver. It makes information secure. (Roesch, 1999)


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