Neuromuscular System 31 What Are The Functions Of The Neuromuscular System 32 De


31.      What are the functions of the neuromuscular system?

32.      Describe the structure of a nerve. How is an action potential generated?

33.      What is a synapse & neurotransmitters

34.      What are the different divisions of the nervous system? What do they do?

           Explain how resting neuron membrane potential is maintained

           Explain how an action potential is propogated

35.      How is movement initiated (What are the steps)?

36.      Why can people get really good at complex tasks?

37.      What happens at the Neuromuscular Junction?

38.      Levels of organization of muscle and connective tissue.

39.      What is a sarcomere? How is it structured?

40.      What distinct areas are in the sarcomere (ZONES AND STUFF)?

41.      What is structure of myosin? Actin?

42.      What is role of tropomyosin? Troponin?

43.      Explain the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction.

The following questions will be covered on Tuesday & WILL be on the exam on Thursday!

44.      Types of muscle actions.

45.      What is the length tension relationship?

46.      What is the force/velocity & power/velocity relationships?

47.      What types of motor units?

48.      Characteristics of fiber types?

49.      What are the 3 sensory receptors in MS System?

50.      What are the 3 joint receptor types? How do they function?

What is the function of sensory receptors in muscle?

50.      What is the muscle spindle for? How structured? What is alpha-gamma coactivation?

51.      How is the stretch reflex activated? Applications to athletics & flexibility?

52.      What is the Golgi Tendon Organ for? Where is it?

53.      What does GTO do? How does PNF stretching work?

54.      Fiber type contribution to exercise.

Myoplasticity. What is it? What influences it?

55.      Training adaptations (MURecruit & Hypertrophy & Time Course of Adaptation)

56.      What is muscle atrophy? Mechansims? Amount over time?

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