Prau5a1p1 | Accounting homework help

Complete the exercises listed below. These exercises are for practice only and will help you to better understand payroll accounting. You can access templates for any problem in this course by visiting the textbook companion website (link accessible under Extra! Extra!). Do not submit your answers to the instructor.

You can find the following exercises under “Practical Problems A” at the end of Chapter 4 in Payroll Accounting (pages 4-39 through 4-52):

  • Practical Problem 4-1A (pg. 4-39)

  • Practical Problem 4-3A (pg. 4-39)

  • Practical Problem 4-4A (pg. 4-39)

  • Practical Problem 4-11A (pg. 4-43)

Complete the Assignment: (download the template here)

Complete the following problems from Chapter 4 in Payroll Accounting:

  • Practical Problem 4-5A (pg. 4-40)

  • Practical Problem 4-8A (pg. 4-41)

  • Practical Problem 4-10A (pg. 4-43)

You are required to utilize the template to complete your Assignment. Fill in the answer cells on the worksheet’s 4-5A, 4-8A and 4-10A tabs.

Please access your Digital Book under Course Home, then locate the tax tables after the Appendix A section near the end of your textbook. Here you will find Tax Table A and Tax Table B on page T-1.

Review the video tutorial and download the script before starting your Assignment.

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

Before you submit your Assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location and with a name that you will remember. Make sure that you have entered your name on the worksheet and completed all of the answer cells; then you may submit to the Assignment Dropbox.

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